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Thursday, January 19, 2012


According to city officials in Washington D.C., that city’s long-delayed medical marijuana program should be up and running by the spring of 2012, a goal that was set last summer.

By the end of March patients should know the sites of the 10 cultivation centers and 5 dispensaries allowed under the city’s medical cannabis law. Officials expect these sites to open in May.

“This is a very complicated process,” said D.C. Health Director Mohammad N. Akhter. “The community should be very pleased that we are moving forward with this and are doing things in a way that will make sure the program will be here to stay.”

It remains to be seen if all these promises will pan out. Even if they do, there will be medical marijuana dispensaries and growers operating right under the nose of the Justice Department and the DEA. Will they stand for that?

Patients in D.C. have seen delays before and should be prepared for more. Having said that, progress is a good thing. Patients everywhere deserve the option of medical marijuana for their ailments. Time will tell if those in our nation’s capital will number among the few who are allowed that option.

- Joe Klare

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